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A Green Thumb Without a Sore Back

1 August 2016

Weeding out injuries while gardening

The arrival of warmer weather has got gardening fans jumping for joy. In fact, gardening has grown into one of Canada’s most popular activities in recent years as a growing number of us discover the pleasures and rewards of a beautiful landscape. But exercising your green thumb does come with some risks.  A day of digging, weeding and watering can also lead to injuries such as lower back pain and muscle tension when proper safety precautions are not followed.
Remember that warming up and stretching is key to a flourishing gardening season!


Here are some steps to help prevent and treat common gardening injuries :

  • Alternate tasks frequently and change positions regularly.
  • Kneel down rather than hunching over. It is easier on your back.
  • Always bend your knees when picking up or dropping a heavy load.
  • Use a two-wheeled wheelbarrow to move the loads in order to avoid a loss of balance which could injure your back.
  • Divide one large soil load into several small ones to avoid carrying a single heavy load and potentially hurting yourself.
  • While watering your plants, don’t forget to water yourself. Drink plenty of liquids, but avoid alcohol or sugary beverages that can lead to dehydration.

Treating common injuries

If stretching is important before gardening, the same goes for afterwards as well. Make sure to stretch out and relax muscles and tendons also. Staying hydrated and stretching should help prevent stiffness the following day as well as increase and maintain a certain level of flexibility. Stretching can thus help to reduce the risk of injury leading to pulled muscles or tendonitis.

Still suffering regardless of these precautions?

If you are experiencing back or knee pain, bumps or bruises, try using a homeopathic medicine like Arnicare Gel, Cream or Tablets to help relieve muscle and joint pain and ease resorption of bruises and inflammatory oedema. Try it for neck, back, shoulder and leg muscle pain, swelling from injuries, and bruising.

These homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.