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A dedication to the highest quality


Homeopathic medicines are made from substances of plant, mineral or animal origin. They are prepared according to a specific manufacturing process, by dilution and succussion, which is fully codified, documented and standardized, ensuring the quality, reproducibility and absence of toxicity of homeopathic medicines.

Reliability you can rely on

To ensure the highest level of reliability for all our products, and to meet the regulatory requirements of the health authorities, we have chosen to fully control their design and production.


Most of our homeopathic medicines are manufactured in France, in our own production facilities. Raw materials are collected or grown nearby, by specialized partners whom we audit on a regular basis. They are transformed in a high-tech industrial facility that we have developed to meet the unique requirements of the homeopathic medicine manufacturing process.



Upstream of manufacturing, we integrate a research and innovation unit that works in partnership with recognized research centers. Our work is guided by a holistic approach to patients. This includes pharmacology, the development of therapeutic solutions for serious pathologies and the evaluation of our flagship specialties.

A few figures

70% of our plant strains come from Europe, mainly France.

145 pharmacists working in our own analysis laboratories.

16 is the number of days needed to manufacture a Boiron granule.

The mastery of high dilutions is a skill that our production pharmacists and their teams have been perpetuating since 1932, in a permanent spirit of continuous improvement. With rigor and professionalism, they cultivate a duty of excellence by systematically seeking to combine respect for homeopathic tradition with innovation.

Guaranteeing the quality of homeopathic medicines

We have complete control over the design and manufacture of our homeopathic medicines.

Throughout the production process, we carry out numerous controls to guarantee the reliability and consistency of our products. They are subject to pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and to local regulations for Marketing Authorizations (MA) or Homeopathic Registrations (HRA). Obtaining these authorizations ensures that our patients have access to high-quality homeopathic medicines that pose no risk to their health.


Research focused on the global health of patients

All our research is organized around a global approach to understanding and responding to patients’ needs, in order to improve their quality of life. It aims to support the efficacy, usefulness and safety of our homeopathic medicines, by providing objective information to the healthcare professionals who prescribe them and to the health authorities who evaluate them.

It is organized around several key areas:

ü  Evaluating our flagship specialties in their current and new indications,

ü  Understanding the pharmacology and mode of action of infinitesimal dilutions,

ü  Provide therapeutic solutions for serious pathologies (e.g.: research into supportive care, neurodegenerative diseases) where therapeutic needs remain very high,

ü  Demonstrate the public health benefits of homeopathy,

üTo develop our manufacturing processes with a view to continuously improving the quality of our homeopathic medicines.

Research and innovation at the service of a historical know-how

Since its creation, our laboratory has never stopped innovating and has developed its own industrial tool to meet the unique manufacturing process of homeopathic medicines. It guarantees perfect reproducibility of our medicines and allows us to offer identical quality throughout the world.  

Traditional homeopathic dilution assisted by high technology

Each dilution is prepared according to traditional methods, registered in the French Pharmacopoeia since 1965 and still in force today. The homeopathic dilution is carried out in our laboratories, under a laminar flow enclosure that filters the ambient air. A central air unit allows us to control the pressure, temperature and hygrometry parameters.

Automated dynamization: a guarantee of reproducibility

An essential step in the preparation of homeopathic dilutions, dynamization is carried out mechanically, using a “dynamizer“. This process guarantees the reproducibility of the frequency, duration and amplitude of the shaking: 150 for 7 seconds. It thus ensures a perfectly identical dynamization from one dilution to another

Triple impregnation: a Boiron innovation that has become a reference

In 1961, Jean Boiron patented a triple impregnation process that ensures homogeneous impregnation of the active ingredient right to the heart of the granule. Originally carried out manually, triple impregnation is now standardized to guarantee the quality of the various stages: micro-spraying, homogenization and drying.  

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