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9 solutions to better live and enjoy the summer break with kids

5 August 2019

Summer is not so far away. If for some people it means relaxing to the fullest, for most parents it means to be on kid duty all day, every day maybe until school starts again. Summer vacations do not have to be scary if everything is well organized.

Tips to keep children busy during summer vacation

Keeping kids busy and safe during summer break is not an easy task for most parents. However, with the following tips and suggestions, you may forget about the dread and focus on the delight of having the opportunity to spend more time with your children.

Design a chore chart

Create a chore chart for the kids which can include tasks like window washing, grass raking, making their own cereals, and washing their bowls. They will not only be engaged but will also be entertained. Allow them some freedom to take some initiatives independently too.

Visiting the museum is a must

A visit to the museum is a must during summer vacations. The kids will be entertained for a whole day, and will equally increase their knowledge by discovering what the museum has to offer.

Teach them gardening and recycling

Summertime is a great period for teaching children about the environment. Buy them seedlings or small flowers and teach them to take care of them every day. At the same time, teach them about the importance of recycling and urge them to gather yogurt pots or other bottles for this purpose.

Explore history together with the kids

Many regions offer free entrance on certain specific days to historical sites. Check the planning in advance and mark the calendar for free visits. You may take along a picnic.

Forests are great exploring sites but beware of stings and bites

Forests have the power to keep not only adults but kids in awe too. Many sites are family-friendly and have facilities for small children too. You may also consider camping. Forests are also home of countless mosquitos and insects that can leave painful bite and sting marks on your family’s skin. They are not only a nuisance, but they can lead to serious diseases including allergies, fever or diarrhea. Wear proper clothing that covers the whole body and apply insect repellant when camping or hiking. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It’s also always useful to have a tube of Dapis Gel on hand an homeopathic medicine used to alleviate pain, to relieve itching, hives and to promote healing of insect bites.

Transform your garden into a water park

Think of buying discounted water toys and hoses. Get the kids into their swimsuit and let them play all the morning.

Make meals a picnic

To keep hungry kids amused and to prevent the kitchen from getting dirty all day, prepare picnic boxes every day. Include sandwiches, yogurt, or other food items your kids love to eat. Encourage them to eat outside on a blanket on the grass. There is also no need to cook every night. From time to time, order some food like pizza.

Encourage reading

Certain libraries also organize events during summer. Encourage children to attend or get them some books that they can read at home.

Embrace the lazy day

Kids need to learn that it is normal to get bored at times. They have to learn how to keep themselves busy then. Include a lazy day in the week and remind them that the lazy day is for parents too.

All these added activities to keep kids and parents busy often come with added bumps and bruises and muscle pain. Try one of the homeopathic medicines of the Arnicare line for the relief of these symptoms and enjoy every moment of summer!

These homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.


Martin Bussière