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5 Tips to Reduce Motion Sickness

1 August 2016

Family vacations are normally the summer highlight for all those involved. That said, a fun trip can become not-so-fun in a matter of minutes if one family member suffers from motion sickness.

Motion sickness, or travel sickness, is a common problem that can be triggered by a rocky boat ride, a turbulent airplane or even a bumpy road trip. Essentially, it is caused by a discrepancy between the motion that is expected to occur and the actual motion sensed by the organ of balance in the inner ear.[1]

Although it is most common in children aged 3 to 12 years[1], it is always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help ease that “sick to your stomach” feeling. Here are 5 simple tips you can use to help reduce motion sickness whether by land, air or sea:

  • Stare at a fixed point in the distance. If you are travelling by car, look out the window and stare at the horizon.
  • Don’t try to read or watch a movie.
  • Take frequent breaks during which you can be active like taking a brief walk.
  • Keep hydrated and eat something light before you travel.
  • If possible, open the window to breathe in fresh air.

And if your stomach is still churning?


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This homeopathic medicine may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.