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5 tips to stay active despite the summer heat

5 August 2019

Exercising in summer may be particularly challenging because of the heat. As our body focuses more on keeping our skin cool rather than pumping blood to the muscles, extra precautions need to be taken while keeping a fitness routine at this period of the year.

How to keep fit safely during summer

Summer is fun but exercising at this time of the year demands extra precautions to avoid mishaps like dehydration and collapsing from the heat. The amount of blood that your heart can pump is lowered and it is forced to work harder during exercise. An increased heart rate will make breathing difficult too. Blood pressure can drop while core temperature of your body may rise. Following are some tips to stay active safely.

Acclimatize your body

As summer approaches, start by acclimating your body to the heat. This includes a consistent yet gradual training and heat exposure. You may begin with 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity such as jogging or cycling and add a few more minutes every following day. Consider using the sauna more often prior to the hot season to sweat profusely and to get your body used to the heat.

Staying hydrated correctly

It is recommended to start drinking water at least 15 minutes before working out. As exercise entails considerable water loss, think of consuming eight ounces of water for every 20 minutes of exercise. On the other hand, limit sodium intake and sports drinks because as you get more fit, your body learns to retain more salt necessary for muscle contractions. However, in case you are planning a long tedious workout in the heat, increase your salt intake slightly for a few days prior to the event. It may be in the form of a mineral supplement to keep your electrolytes level high and provide extra sodium for your body to rely on during exercise.

Choose a sport adapted for the summer climate

Water sports are more popular during summer. Surfing, swimming, and diving help you work out while staying cool. Else, consider indoor sports activities such as ice hockey and skating. When the temperature outside becomes too hot, think of exercising at the gym, generally equipped with air conditioning. Avoid peak hours to keep away from the massive influx of people.

Avoid strong sun

Some people may still prefer to brave the heat and exercise outdoors. Care should be taken to avoid the strong sun at midday. Opt for exercises early morning or late evening and wear adapted cotton clothing that breathes. Limit the sun exposure by choosing shady spots.

Avoid long stretches of exercise

It is recommended to avoid working out for a continuous long period of time during summer. Instead, modify your workouts into short burst throughout the day. For instance, a daily exercise routine may be broken down into a number of 15-minute segments. This will help maintain the quality of your exercise regimen as well.

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Martin Bussière