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Cough and Cold? Try Stodal

Stodal® Multi-Symptoms is a homeopathic medicine that helps provide relief:

  • cold symptoms such as congestion or runny nose
  • minor sore throat
  • dry or wet cough
  • bronchial congestion

This syrup is suitable for adults and children from 1 year old.

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Stodal Cold & Cough Syrup for Adults, homeopathy for sore throat
Stodal Cold & Cough Syrup Adults & Children, homeopathy for sore throat


Stodal Multi-Symptom has many advantages:

  • Drowsiness free, for day and night use
  • Without dye, to see more clearly
  • Natural health product, because your health deserves the greatest respect.

93% of buyers who bought Stodal are satisfied

and 92% would recommend it to others*

*Buyers in the past 12 months. Observatoire des fondamentaux pour les spécialités Boiron – Canada – July 2015 (Basis : 102 buyers)


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