Harvest Method

Ensuring Arnica’s Quality and Freshness

The harvest is a key step: the Arnica must be picked, stored and delivered to Laboratoires Boiron in no more than 48 hours.

A good day of picking generally starts…several days ahead of time, or even several weeks! Scouting is an important, fundamental and inevitable phase, insists Régis Buffière.

For 30 years, this professional picker has been scouring the areas where Arnica montana grows and noting down everything in his notebook: the place to find it, the GPS coordinates, etc. And he even takes pictures with his smartphone! This preparatory work makes it possible for him to agree to orders.

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Once the picking zone has been determined, organization is then necessary to optimize the harvest. This is even more important due to the fact that this is a seasonal job. The day therefore starts very early. “For a good picking day, you have to get up early, because you can’t arrive at 10 or 11 a.m. at the site, or it’s not worth going!” explains Vincent Deschandol, a professional picker in Ardèche.

A few simple rules need to be followed to ensure the perfect quality of the Arnica:
Perfect hygiene: Pickers wash their hands before harvesting
Place the plants vertically in openwork bags (or in crates) to ensure better conservation
Place the bags in the shade so the plants do not heat up
• Store and transport the Arnica in clean, refrigerated trucks
• Delivery to laboratories Boiron must take place within 48 hours

For Arnica, like for all our wild plants, there is only 48 hours between picking and delivery. This way, we guarantee high quality raw material, concludes Françoise Merceron, a pharmacist and head of plant‑purchasing for Laboratoires Boiron.

Did You Know?

Access to Arnica montana is not free. Though it is wild, the plant always grows on land that has an owner, either public or private (the state via the French National Forests Office, or ONF, the city, etc.). Therefore, the harvesters must ask for authorization to pick.