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Our dads: our heroes, no matter how old we are…

17 June 2021

Fête des Pères - HoméopathieFather’s Day is observed on the third Sunday in the month of June every year. However, it seems to come in with much less fanfare than Mother’s Day rightly commands and to be the day that officially kicks off the true start to the summer season.

As the world inches its way out of post-pandemic confinement, and as we grapple to regain some sense of normalcy, this year’s Father’s Day 2021 will especially be highlighted with due homage, possibly as we have not seen before.

Countless stories have been recounted about parents of all ages, deprived of seeing their children and grandchildren and for a variety of different reasons such as respecting public health ordinances for the broader good of our communities to just playing it safe–just in case, which will make these last 18 months assuredly go down into the books of history and of future posterity.

Fathers play a significant role in the lives of their children. They are their heroes, and their protector, or so they try to be as dads. As the adage goes, parenthood (and being a dad) does not come with a how-to manual, but slowly, day by day, through life experiences.

As I look back onto this extremely difficult year, we have all lived through, my thoughts invariably go to my own little champion, my son Noah, and the millions of children just like him who looked upon their fathers for guidance, even comfort, at this complex time, when we were, ourselves, searching for our own way.

It is said that children look up to their dads as their heroes. I am not certain if I fit that role these last difficult months. However, Noah, and kids just like him around the globe have certainly become my heroes.

This Father’s Day, on behalf of the great Boiron Canada team, I would like to honour and celebrate all dads. They have shown outstanding fortitude and determination during these unprecedented, and also rich in challenges and questioning times. To all fathers everywhere, you will always be our heroes, no matter how old we are.

Thanks for everything dad…

Daniel Dereser
President & CEO


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