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More than ever, being a mother takes on its full meaning!

7 May 2021

Every year, the month of May offers us the opportunity to celebrate moms during Mother’s Day. This year, it reminds us, more than ever, that more than a year ago, a worldwide pandemic was officially declared… A succession of events and consequences that seemed (and still seem) surreal in many ways, this global pandemic has also led us into a whirlwind of multiple and competing emotions. Our habits, even the most mundane, have been altered. The way we express ourselves in our daily lives and our human relationships have been transformed. We have also had to adapt even our way of working and our daily travels.

However, amidst all this upheaval, a tremendous collective resilience has emerged, one that makes us all proud.

This resilience is so characteristic of all the moms in this world, who, through stress and disorganization, have had to live through sometimes difficult situations, whether it be emotional, challenges within their families, mental, and often economic, too. We often elevate our mothers to “superhero” status, but we often forget that our heroes, in the end, are human.

This year, on Mother’s Day, on behalf of the Boiron Canada team, I would like to celebrate all mothers and say thank you for their love, strength, resilience, generosity and compassion, qualities that we very much need to move forward in the right direction as, more than ever, being a mother takes on its full meaning.

Everything will be better soon!

Thank you for everything, Mum!

Daniel Dereser

President and CEO

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