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Let us be proud to say that we use homeopathy!

10 December 2019

Homeo Populi is a citizen movement launched by Alexandra Pilarski and Talia Markarian. This movement is completely independent from Boiron. Homeo Populi and Boiron are both members of the Quebec Coalition For Homeopathy.

Homeopathy, a big subject, so we dreamed big!

For some time now, the idea of ​​seeing patients coming together in support of homeopathy was germinating in our minds; we brainstormed and ideas started to take shape. But it was precisely in May 2019, during the 30th conference of the Syndicat professionnel des homéopathes du Québec, that we felt this real need to share our testimonies, to ensure that other patients could freely express themselves on the subject of this powerful medicine that they had chosen for themselves and their families. Their lives, like ours, and millions of other patients around the world that use Homeopathy, were changed for the better.

But why is this medicine not recognized exactly? And why do so few people in Quebec know about this treatment? And why do those who are aware of homeopathy see it in a negative light? So many questions to which we still have no answers! But one thing is for certain, because of homeopathy we know that we live fully now; that we are no longer suffering; that we cannot live without our remedies; we are now aware of what being healthy really means. We must share these beautiful testimonies of healing with others.

Our desire to create a movement that informs citizens, brings patients together and supports homeopathy has made possible the birth of Homeo Populi, the Citizen’s Movement for Homeopathy in Quebec. A movement that is proud to say that homeopathy is a medicine! No more hiding or hesitating to inform our bosses, colleagues, friends or even relatives that we have used homeopathy. We believe strongly in the medicine we have chosen, and we will not be silenced. As accurate information on homeopathy spreads, so does its following; like the ripples in water caused by a single drop. Homeo Populi is gradually connecting to other patient organizations around the world, and has grown to include more than 450 likes since its inauguration on Facebook on November 19, 2019.

Homeo Populi would like patients to realize that they are ambassadors of this medicine. Is homeopathy healing you? Don’t be shy to share this! Is a person around you suffering? Suggest homeopathy! Do people you known unfairly criticize homeopathy? Share the scientific studies that confirm it indeed works!

Homeopathy is too often used as the medicine of last resort; when all other methods fail. Let us shift the dynamic; let us make homeopathy the first line treatment or at the very least a treatment recognized and used in conjunction with conventional medicine; let us be proud to say that we use homeopathy.

Please follow Homeo Populi: your movement!



Alexandra Pilarski and Talia Markarian

Founders of Homeo Populi, the Citizen’s Movement for Homeopathy in Quebec