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Editorial: 30 Years of Passion

3 August 2018

Walking into our striking Canadian headquarters in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, it is hard to imagine that not that long ago, in 1988, Boiron Canada started out in a small building with three very dedicated people, a rotary phone, and a typewriter.

The phone service provider was on strike at the time, resulting in our phone line being strewn through the air to connect to another office. There were no computers in sight; our orders were processed on a sole typewriter and any error called for the trusted aid of white correction fluid.

Flash forward to today as we celebrate Boiron’s 30th anniversary in Canada!

So much has changed in such a rather short while, but one thing remains the same: our dedication to high-quality homeopathic medicines. More than 25 years ago we introduced Canadian families to Oscillococcinum, our flagship homeopathic medicine, followed by our pediatric line of Camilia, Cocyntal, Stodal, and Coryzalia. Today, we are proud to offer Canadians a wide range of reliable homeopathic medicines for common ailments.

Never before has raising positive awareness on homeopathy been more relevant whether it is through various consumer and professional associations or in diverse public forums.

In that sense, Boiron’s future in Canada will increasingly focus on continued education. We encourage and promote education among health care practitioners on the benefits of integrating homeopathy in their daily practice. We believe that this integrative approach to healthcare helps better cater to patients’ needs. We also want to keep Canadians well informed by building our online presence with e-commerce platforms and ever-present digital marketing.

Needless to say, Boiron intends to remain an industry beacon built on exceptional manufacturing practices and unmatched quality homeopathic medicines.

It is my personal objective to look to the next 30 years and continue to grow our success, much of which is due to the devoted team behind Boiron Canada. I am lucky to work alongside such an exceptional group of individuals that I consider to be like family.

Additionally, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the health care practitioners and roughly 3 million patients in Canada who choose to integrate homeopathy in their practice and in their lives. Without their support, we assuredly wouldn’t be where we are today – so thank you all for your trust over the last 30 years!

And so, as CEO of Boiron Canada, it is my responsibility – indeed my commitment – to maintain and develop the core values that built this company 30 years ago. In a word: PASSION!


Daniel Dereser
CEO of Boiron Canada


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