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Embrace self-care in 2020

15 January 2020

It can happen to a person to reach that point where one feels run down, overwhelmed by other’s expectations, or simply out of balance. While mental balance is easily dismissed, it’s important that you take care of your mind just as you take care of your body. So if you are experiencing any of the above-stated situations, you might want to invest in self-care to help you get back to an eventual better place. Of course, self-care varies by individual and only fully makes sense in the context of one’s specific needs, wants, and likes. But when you find the right self-care activity for your needs the end result is benefitting from increased happiness, balance, productivity, reduced stress and a greater sense of control.

There are many ways of improving your well-being.

Be aware of your surroundings

Being caught in a routine might lead you to overlook the simple things. The first step to take as you’re going through a stressful period is to take the time to notice your surroundings, and therefore break your routine by paying attention to the things that you would usually overlook. Taking the time to feel the temperature of the water as you do the dishes, for instance, is one of those sensory experiences that help you root yourself in the moment.

Turn technology down a notch

Technology has certainly become part of our daily lives, to the point where we can barely live without our smartphones and computers without feeling fully efficient or productive. However, those devices that help us so much can also turn into black holes that suck in all of our attention. Reducing one’s use of technology as much as possible has been proven to have a positive impact when it comes to alleviating anxiety. Some possible options would be to avoid looking at your smartphone first thing in the morning or to establish a technology curfew at night.

Diet and working out

When you eat healthily, your body will benefit from more energy and you will feel boosted during the day. Adding exercise on top of that will help your body release endorphins, which help you feel good. If you are struggling with committing to both, do not hesitate to schedule appointments with trainers and dietitians for detailed follow-ups and action plans.


Meditation has proven to be a great self-care activity. It helps reduce blood pressure, increase concentration, boost memory, regulate mood, decrease anxiety, and reset your attitude.1

Unleash your creative self

Giving your creative side a push might help in relieving accumulated stress. Try to make time for activities like dancing, drawing, playing, or anything else recreational or creative in nature that will be both enjoyable and constructive for you.

Create boundaries

Try to avoid allocating time and effort to the people, things, or activities that no longer require your input. This will help you save your resources for what really matters in your day to day life.

Do not forget to breathe

If you feel overwhelmed, always think that you can stop and breathe. Several techniques exist, so you just have to pick the one that works for you.

Listen to your body

It is important to listen to yourself in order to take the necessary steps in helping your mind and body get back on track. If you are sick or if your body is yearning for rest, make sure to take the time you need to recover. Homeopathy is a great option if you’re sick. This system of medicine offers effective health solutions for the whole family for a wide range of common ailments.


Homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.