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Boiron renews its partnership with the Breakfast Club

14 September 2021

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Boiron Canada is renewing its community action partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada by participating in the Back-to-School campaign.

Shaping Canada’s future

With the Covid19 pandemic, more families than ever are struggling to feed their children properly. According to the latest figures released by the Breakfast Club, nearly 2 million children in Canada are likely to arrive at school hungry – that’s 1 in 3 children. The Club currently reaches more than 490,000 children in over 3,000 school and community programs across Canada. The organization’s goal is to help students reach their full potential by providing rich, balanced nutrition.

The Impact of a Breakfast Program

The benefits of a breakfast program are numerous. For example, children behave better, are less stressed and their learning abilities are improved. Also, because of the caring community created, school students feel included and have a greater sense of belonging.

The Boiron Boost

Boiron shows its support for the cause of children’s health and well-being through its social marketing approach. The company decided to re-launch its partnership with the Breakfast Club for the second consecutive year. The company has made a commitment to its customers to donate $2 to the Breakfast Club program for each bottle of Stodal® Children’s cough syrup sold on the Boiron Canada website, in addition to a 10% discount. This promotional campaign will take place in September and October 2021. The approach is warmly welcomed by the Breakfast Club.

Stodal children’s cough syrup line

For the occasion, Boiron offers a range of syrups for dry and oily coughs for children. Here is the list:

Note that Boiron cough syrups are dextromethorphan-free, dye-free and do not cause drowsiness. They can be taken by the whole family, from 1 year old.

For any additional information concerning this partnership, or any question about our products, we invite you to contact us through this contact form.