4 Good Habits to Adopt to Reduce Stress

22 March 2019

The modern world is overwhelmed with stress factors. From overloaded schedules to phones that keep ringing and buzzing, various elements in everyday life that may look trivial may add to the stress. Living with stress is not easy as it does trigger a series of complications ranging from difficulties to focus throughout the day to sleep problems. Living with stress also makes it harder to stay fit and healthy.

Four habits proved to reduce stress

It’s true that there is no quick fix for stress. However, there are a number of habits that we can adopt as part of our daily routine to lessen its impact. Here are four key habits that can have positive impacts on your well-being.

Exercise is your ally

It is a well-known fact that exercise brings an array of health benefits. Exercising regularly can also be beneficial for dealing with stress as well. The reason behind is that exercise releases endorphins that are known for being the feel-good hormones. Those feeling tired or drained can definitely benefit from a boost. You can either go for a walk or hit the gym, depending on your likes and dislikes.

Establishing an adapted sleep routine

An increased level of stress can entail sleeplessness. You may toss and turn at night or wake up at several times, unable to sleep again. It is wise to go to sleep while reading or writing in a journal instead of watching the TV or staring at screens. Jotting down what you need to accomplish the next day can also help you put some order in your ideas. This will all help to create a calming bedtime routine (this goes for children too!).

Cut off from technology

Work emails, news, and social media are stressful elements in everyday life. Research has demonstrated that constantly staying connected to technology is stressful for many people.[2] It’s also a tough issue to solve as many people, due to tight schedules and lack of free time, only find some kind of escape by checking their phones again and again. However, it is crucial to have a break from technology. One means would be to delete apps that you are constantly using and leaving your phone in another room.


Homeopathic medicines can enhance your wellness journey

During periods of stress, adopting a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy food and drinking lots of water can have a very positive impact. Homeopathic medicines can also help promote relaxation and peaceful sleep when going through more intense periods of stress. For example, Quietude is an effective solution for helping you cope with minor sleeping disorders and stress. It helps relieve minor sleeping disorders-related symptoms such as restlessness, occasional sleeplessness, difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal awakening and stress-related symptoms such as hypersensitivity, and irritability in adults and children 6 years of age and older.


This homeopathic medicine may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.





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