Boiron & the Pickers: The History of a Partnership

Arnica Pickers: Boiron’s Natural Partners

More than simple suppliers, the Arnica pickers have become partners of Laboratoires Boiron over the years.

It’s been the same ritual every year for the past 20 years: Vincent Deschandol scours the Ardèche plateau to pick Arnica montana in compliance with the Boiron specifications. “I have always had a very good relationship with Boiron,” states this nature‑lover, who has enjoyed visiting the laboratories several times. “Knowing what our plants are going to become is essential,” says the harvester.

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Deschandol is not alone in this. For the harvesting of Arnica montana, like for all the plants, Laboratoires Boiron works with pickers who have become true partners over time. Some of these partnerships have lasted for more than 20 years, with father and son harvesters.

It must be said that working with wild plants requires great flexibility, for both the pickers and the laboratory. A harvest can be postponed due to poor weather conditions, or a plant may need to be picked as soon as possible because it is flowering. The partnership with the pickers makes it possible to be aware of this kind of change and to ensure receipt under urgent conditions or to postpone a delivery.

“For me, the important thing is the relationships with the people who are in direct contact with nature. These partnerships allow us to have raw material of optimal quality,” explains Françoise Merceron, a pharmacist and head of plant purchasing for Laboratoires Boiron.