Boiron Expertise to Ensure the Purity of the Arnica

Ensure the Purity of the Arnica

As soon as it arrives at the Messimy site next to Lyon, the Arnica montana undergoes a battery of tests for quality control. This is an absolutely necessary step prior to its transformation.

“Arnica is a very important plant for us—it is a component of a certain number of proprietary medicinal products that we manufacture, and it is one of the flagship products that we produce in tubes and doses. The entire team is therefore extremely motivated when it arrives. We impatiently wait for the month of July to arrive! “ says Loïc Butavand, a pharmacist and the manufacturing director at the Messimy site.

As soon as it is received at the laboratory, the Arnica montana is the subject of a computer declaration. The control teams then carry out botanical recognition to check that it is the right plant, using the flora in particular.

Arnica Arrives in Numbers
There are more than fifteen deliveries to the laboratory between May and July, accounting for several tons of Arnica.

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The general quality of the batch is then checked. “We make sure the plant does not have any parasites, it has not been damaged during transport, and it does not have anything foreign on it. We also measure its moisture level, as well as its radioactivity using a Geiger counter,” explains Carmen Pont, who works in the botanical control department of Laboratoires Boiron.

Compliance with the delivery deadlines (a maximum of 48 hours after harvest) and the origin of the plant are also checked. Then, the Arnica undergoes phyto‑chemical analyses—checking for anything foreign and loss upon desiccation on the fresh plant.

If the plant passes all these tests successfully, the IT release is carried out. The transformation and manufacturing phase can then begin.