Arnica Flower

    • Transformation Into Medicine

      The transformation of Arnica into a homeopathic medicine In order to transform plants into homeopathic medicines, the active substances need to be extracted. This process, which leads to the manufacture […]

    • Boiron Expertise to Ensure the Purity of the Arnica

      Ensure the Purity of the Arnica As soon as it arrives at the Messimy site next to Lyon, the Arnica montana undergoes a battery of tests for quality control. This […]

    • Boiron & the Pickers: The History of a Partnership

      Arnica Pickers: Boiron’s Natural Partners More than simple suppliers, the Arnica pickers have become partners of Laboratoires Boiron over the years. It’s been the same ritual every year for the […]

    • Boiron’s Good Practice

      Preserving Arnica, a Constant Commitment For Boiron To preserve Arnica, a wild plant threatened with extinction, Laboratoires Boiron has set up good practices for picking with detailed specifications. Each year, […]

    • Gradual Disappearance

      How to Preserve Arnica ? Arnica montana, which has been weakened by human activity, must be protected to survive. Signed by all the people involved in production, the Markstein Agreement […]

    • Harvest Method

      Ensuring Arnica’s Quality and Freshness The harvest is a key step: the Arnica must be picked, stored and delivered to Laboratoires Boiron in no more than 48 hours. A good day […]

    • How to harvest Arnica ?

      Harvest Conditions Harvesting Arnica requires know‑how and experience. However, the species is threatened by human activity. To preserve it, all of the people involved in its growth have signed an […]

    • The Development of Arnica

      Conditions for the Development of Arnica : Arnica montana is a “diva;” its requirements in terms of altitude, soil and climate mean it doesn’t grow just anywhere. Arnica montana, or […]

    • Getting to Know Arnica

      Getting to Know Arnica: Arnica montana contains many chemical compounds. The quality of the plant particularly depends on the presence of a certain number of active substances, the content of […]

    • What is Arnica?

      From the mountainous regions of Central Europe, Arnica montana is recognized for its medicinal properties. It uses its ingenious properties to protect itself from its environment. How to Recognize Arnica […]