About Boiron

Our mission: Become a major player in the world of medicine

Boiron LaboratoriesFor over 80 years, the Boiron Group has reached out to health care practitioners, inviting them to discover homeopathy and incorporate it into their daily practice. As a result, Boiron homeopathic medicines are now available in over 100 countries worldwide.

We take great pride in providing you with products that are “as pure and perfect as possible.” Each and every one of our medicines is made following the same tradition of excellence that has been the Boiron hallmark for the past eight decades and in accordance with European and Canadian pharmaceutical standards. Boiron homeopathic medicines have all been issued a DIN-HM (product license number), which can be retrieved online via Health Canada’s database.

A world of health

Boiron was founded in France almost a century ago, when physicians and pharmacists expressed their need to obtain reliable and reproducible medicines. The needs of practitioners and the growing needs of their patients permitted the Group to take root and grow internationally.

Today, there are 3,900 people on the Boiron team. We have 18 foreign subsidiaries, we operate 4 production facilities, and we distribute our products in 50 countries.

And every day, we place our passion and expertise in homeopathic medicines at the service of health care professionals and patients.

The BOIRON approach

We prefer smile and fulfillment to stress or gloom.

We love art and color, and we provide them space wherever possible.

We love a convivial atmosphere, simple and direct relationships, dialogue with an open ear, mutual respect, and transparency in the rules of the game.