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The Boiron Canada Homeopathic Medicine Finder is free and available from the App Store and Google Play. Visit the corresponding app store for your device and search for Boiron Medicine Finder, or click any of the badges from the Download section of this site.


Select Symptoms

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After installing and launching the app, select your primary category of symptoms from the main screen. You will be able to further specify your symptoms on the following screens.


Find Medicines

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In three easy clicks, find your recommended medicine, its indication, dosage, medicinal ingredients and other useful, healthy tips.


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Select the More Menu (☰) at the top right to find exclusive coupons and contests, or to shop online. You can also sign up for our e-newsletter and stay up to date with out our latest news, products, promotions, and health tips.




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Quick and simple — "I found this app to be quick, direct, and simple to use. Finally an app to help me choose and locate the correct medicine."


Homeopathy junkie — "What a wonderful app to find the exact medicines I need for each condition. Thank you Boiron"


Great Boiron — "Love the App easy to use, good information very helpful"


Great app for my family — "What a great way to pick the right medicine for my son ! We thank you for making it available"



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