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Tweets – Summer


#Arnicare is available in quick-dissolving tablets, topical gel and cream to relieve muscle & joint pain and bumps and bruises.

Do you suffer from muscle cramps, aches and muscular fatigue? Try #Arnicare Sport

Searching for #Arnicare gel or cream by @Boironcanada to help you relieve your muscle & joint pain after a day hiking? We have what you need!

Don’t let pain get in the way of family fun, try #Arnicare by @boironcanada. Ask for it today! 


Summer Essentials

Try Dapis, a non-greasy and paraben-free gel that relieves itching and promotes the healing of insect bites.

Do you suffer from motion sickness? Give a try to Boiron’s Cocculine to relieve symptoms of motion sickness.


Molar teeth have a hard time breaking through gums than incisors so they tend to cause more pain. Keep your #Camilia handy! 

Love @Boironcanada #Camilia for teething? Download a #coupon at before heading to our store. 

Colicky baby? Try @Boironcanada #Cocyntal unidoses for #colic relief! 

#Cocyntal from @boironcanada brings a great alternative to deal with your baby’s colic pain and gas.