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    Winter means also #flu season! Stock up with #Oscillo & save $2 now on @Boironcanada essential medicines by downloading coupons

    Winter season can be very unpredictable! We're proud to be a part of your flu-symptoms fighting arsenal #Oscillo (adults & children)! 

    With school and the weather getting colder, watch out for cold and flu season with @boironcanada medicines #cold #flu.  

    Did you know #flu caught at school can spread easily at home? @BoironCanada #Oscillococcinum reduces the duration of flu symptoms! 

    Flu-like symptoms? Pick up some #Oscillo by @boironcanada and save $2 before heading out to our store

    #Oscillococcinum could be mouthful to say, but when you're feeling flu-like symptoms, it's good remedy! 

    Stodal & Coryzalia Children

    @Boironcanada Children’s Stodal calms both dry & productive coughs from children 1 and up! 

    @Boironcanada Children’s Stodal Honey cough syrup contains #honey 

    Love @Boironcanada Children’s Stodal Honey #cough syrup? Download a #coupon at before heading to our store. 

    Winter advice: keep baby's extremities warm, so protect the ears, head, hands & feet of your little one & keep #Stodal, #Coryzalia handy! 


    Molar teeth have a hard time breaking through gums than incisors so they tend to cause more pain. Keep your #Camilia handy! 

    #Teething can begin as early as 3 months & continue until a child's 3rd birthday. Try #Camilia for teething. 

    Love @Boironcanada #Camilia for teething? Download a #coupon at before heading to our store. 

    Colicky baby? Try @Boironcanada #Cocyntal unidoses for #colic relief! 

    #Cocyntal from @boironcanada brings a great alternative to deal with your baby’s colic pain and gas. 


    Winter sports are in full swing. Relieve your family’s muscle aches, pain & stiffness with #Arnicare gel or cream by @Boironcanada. 

    Searching for #Arnicare gel or cream by @Boironcanada to help you relieve your muscle & joint pain after a day on the mountain? We have what you need! 

    Before pain gets in your way, treat it at the first sign with #Arnicare by @boironcanada. 

    How do you cope with #muscle #pain? #Arnicare gel or cream could be your solution. Download a $2 coupon to try it at before heading to our store. 

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