Bringout the Health Within

Our Medicines

For over 25 years now in Canada, Boiron offers a wide selection of homeopathic medicines. Other than our branded medicines with authorized indications more than 1100 homeopathic singles medicines are available to Canadian healthcare practitioners and consumers. Actually Boiron Canada holds over 2600 product licenses (DIN-HM) issued by the Natural Health Product Directorate. At Boiron, we are dedicated to provide high quality health solutions for healthcare practitioners and consumers and we believe that any pharmaceutical intervention is justified only if the potential benefits are greater than the risks. We brought this commitment to Canada yet over 25 years ago.

There are two categories of homeopathic medicines:

Branded Medicines

At Boiron, our homeopathic medicines are available in several formulations (including drinkable unit doses tablets, pellets, gels, creams, syrups) to relieve a wide range of ailments such as cold, teething, flu symptoms. Many homeopathic medicines are presented as branded medicines and packaged like other over-the-counter medications. Branded medicines are convenient for patients as their directions for use are clear and specific to a particular condition.

Single Medicines

Other common presentations for homeopathic medicines are the multi-dose tube and the unit-dose tube. Available in quick-dissolving pellets, these medicines contain a single active ingredient.

The Boiron Story

For over 80 years, the Boiron Group, a French pharmaceutical company, has been inviting health care professionals to discover homeopathy and incorporate it into their daily practice. Today, there are 3700 people on the Boiron team with 18 foreign subsidiaries, five production facilities, and  distribution in 59 countries. A presence in Canada for more than 25 years, Boiron Canada is proud to provide Canadians with simple and effective solutions for self-medication. You can rely on Boiron medicines for your whole family, from newborns to the elderly.